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Welcome to In:Collection. The following works of art have found homes with friends both new and old whom we lovingly call, ‘the collectors’. Public access to In:Collection is made possible through the generosity of our collectors. We will be adding to In:Collection over time and will be working with our collectors to help share more about their works of art. Some personal information regarding these pieces and their collectors may be removed for privacy reasons. Thanks again to our collectors!


Orange You Glad…Shack Island is Back?

Orange you glad…Shack Island No. 1, has arrived home ‘In Collection’

This is the original ‘Shack Island’ image from the series of the same name. Pulled from the studio into commission, I completed this piece for very good friends and long time collectors. I have always been fascinated by these simple shacks that used to number greater than the 8 or so that remain. I wanted the image to be captured with a rough sketch feel and vibrant and glowing colour. I am thrilled that this piece means so much to our dear friends!

Sandy and Dean’s Carousel

The following carousel is a wonderful look at Shack Island No. 1 through ‘In Studio’ to ‘In Commission’ to delivery, reveal and celebration! We hope you enjoy the visual journey. What fun… and ‘Orange you glad your part of the family?’

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